to the LSU Minden Main Street Workshop. Students and faculty from the LSU School of Architecture will be working and living in Minden for two weeks to provide assistance to Minden Louisiana Main Street in their efforts to cultivate a resilient community. This program is funded in part through a grant awarded to the LSU Office of Community Design and Development from the National Endowment for the Arts. The Minden Main Street Workshop is the first in a series of workshops to connect environmentally responsible design practices with historic preservation strategies to accelerate sustainable development in Louisiana's small towns and cities. For more information, please contact the Office of Community Design and Development.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Today we started laying out some of the basics ideas we had after our meeting with Lyba and Roger. After presenting a very complex plan to our client we learned that the more complex the project is the more expensive it will be. So this time we are trying to stay as simple as possible and still get a wow factor out of nothing. Complexity doesn’t necessarily mean better. We’ll stay simple and it’ll be great. After having an awesome lunch listening to music from the 70’s and hanging out by the train station we came back to studio (except Jeremy who’s going to a wedding) and worked on the site plan. The next step will be to make a better study of our floor plans and see how these will influence the appearance of the fa├žade.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Post-Workshop Interview

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Team Imperial Hotel Day 12

Today was our presentation in Minden! Everything went really well and a lot of the community showed up to view our designs and ask questions. It was great to see so many positive responses to our designs. Some saw our designs as inspiration for what they could do with other buildings in the downtown area. We all feel that this project has been a great success and are very proud of our accomplishments in Minden. Thank you to everyone who has supported us!

Final Day and Presentations!!! Team Crichton

Today was the final day of the workshop and we came back to Minden in order to present. The presentations were very interesting and we had a huge response from the community. Everyone, including or client, was very appreciative exited of our work and how it can positively effect historic downtown Minden. The Crichton Building team looks forward too seeing downtown Minden continue to grow and hope to see progress soon.

Webb Hardware - Preparing our Presentation

Today was a LONG day. We started off bright and early - around 8:00 on our work. We were still laying out our floor plans, working on the roof design, the lasercut file, and the 3D model. We all worked really hard. We broke around 6pm to go get some food. We reconvened shortly after and began our all-nighter. I went home at 3:30 (because I was driving to Minden the next day), but the rest of the group stayed until 7:30am. I got to studio at 8, and began mounting our boards for the presentation. We had s good time working (and playing), but it is relieving to be done with the production phase of this workshop!

Last day!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Team Crichton


Our last day of work has been extremely productive. We are finalizing our work and formatting it to meet our presentation requirements. As of now we have compiled nearly 4 of our 11x 17 presentation boards. These completed boards include a site introduction, existing conditions, and our proposed front elevation. In addition to these boards, we are adding several more which include a rendered section, site plans, floor plans, and exterior renderings. We have a lot of this work completed but we need to place it in presentation format. It’s going to be a long night, but hopefully we can come together and get all of our work done in time.